Prior Antifreeze Longlife -40

OAT (Organic Additives Technology) automotive coolant based on monoethyleneglycol and demineralized water with addition of additives. Protects against corrosion, overheating and freezing. Typical service life of up to 5 years/ upon recommendation OEM.

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May be used all the year round in cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines. This coolant is ready for use and protects against freezing down to -38°C.


Meets the requirements of:

Ford WSS-M97B44-D
Volkswagen VW TL 774-F ("G12 Plus")
MB 326.3
MAN 324 Typ SNF
Detroit Diesel
DAF 74002
GM 6277M
Leyland Trucks LTS 22 AF 10
Renault 41-01-001/-S Type D
Scania TB 1451
Cummins 85T8-2
Chrysler MS 9176
Volvo VCS
Mack 014GS 17004
John Deere H 24 B1 & C1


Density at 15 °C, kg/l 1,074
Color BLUE
Crystallizationpoint: °C -38



1 L
5 L